Bronze leaves from our Cherry Variations collection

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The reality of an Ashleaf sculpture in your hand far surpasses what any photograph of it can portray. The way that the delicate and fragile beauty of a real leaf gets captured is extraordinary.

Mark, Hertfordshire, UK

I was so excited to receive my oak leaf. Nature made into an exquisite piece of art. You can’t stop looking at it. I hope to add another to my collection soon.

Helen, Norfolk, UK

I’ve just received my order of an Hornbeam leaf, it’s absolutely beautiful and will be a gift for my Partner. I’m positive he’s going to cherish it. I hope it’s the first leaf of many for us!

Lisa Allen, Lancashire, UK

Ashleaf’s work transforms the transience of nature into a timeless artistic treasure. Sam and Hanna’s passion shines through in each exquisite bronze leaf.

Karen James, Illinois, USA

These artworks are simply exquisite. Ashleaf manage to take something that many folk find inconsequential - the humble leaf - and turn it into a beautiful, tactile sculpture.

Elton, Aberdeenshire, UK

Absolutely amazing. The pictures simply can't convey how tactile and yet solid these leaves are!

NKT, Herefordshire, UK

Something magical happens when a leaf is cast into bronze. The resulting piece becomes a talisman. My lime leaf sits on my typewriter and gently reminds me to adopt nature's rhythms. To slow down, breathe, and appreciate the little things.

Erica Holthausen, Newburyport, Massachusetts

I love my tiny Lime leaf. It is a miniature work of art and brings me joy every time I see it.

Jenni, Lincolnshire, UK

As thrilled as I was to have finally had the chance to buy one of Hanna’s bronze leaves - hesitate and they’re gone - nothing prepared me for when I opened my package and held that little treasure in my hand. It. Is. Exquisite! The little details preserved is nothing short of amazing. The best imitation of nature I should say. I felt very moved looking at it....and I looked at it for a very, very long time before setting it down. I can tell it is going to be one of my favourite and treasured possessions. I haven’t come to a decision on how best to display this Liquidambar leaf casting, but for now it shall be placed where I can see it when I draw and paint. Perhaps a little creativity of hers shall rub off on me? Definitely going to get another...but which to choose? They’re all so beautiful!

Angelina, Singapore

An Ashleaf sculpture contains magic. The fleeting beauty of a leaf is frozen in time as a fitting, enduring tribute to the trees that sustain life.

Jenni, Lincolnshire, UK

My tiny bronze lime leaf is a marvel. Such beautiful craftsmanship, weaved in with what must be a little magic. Incredible the way it perfectly captures the fleeting essence of nature in such a permanent way. Thank you!

Katherine, Australia

the rare beauty of my liquidambar bronze leaf springs from the combination of nature and art, a precious source of joy, a reminder of love

Lucia, Italy

I so love the tiny bronze lime leaf - it is a daily reminder of the huge lime tree right outside my door - one of 17 in my street and thousands in Sheffield that we fought hard to prevent from being chopped down. The bronze casting of the tiny leaf is the perfect capture of the living nature. Thank you for the opportunity to own such an exquisite work of art.

Jan, Sheffield, UK

The bronze leaf is a real treasure on my table and tea stage. Thank you so much, also for the warm words that came with the leaf.

Reina, The Netherlands

The whole project, from initial start up to receiving my leaf and beyond was a delight. I so looked forward to the updates, the selection process was a thrill of a ride, I made a list far too long of leaves "I wanted", then they where disappearing before my eyes. I finally choose day 16, a rowan leaf. when my package arrived it was like xmas morning all over again, the lovely leaf, the handmade book and note, the postcard, and the little bottle of bronze dust. it is something I will treasure forever, and I hope one day the leaves can all come together for an exhibition or display (not permanently of course, I am far too selfish of my leaf), and I look forward to following hanna on her adventures in the future

Jeff Willans, Tonbridge, Kent, UK